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International Youth Gathering 2019
Mistä lauantai, 3. elokuu 2019
Mihin lauantai, 17. elokuu 2019
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It is with great pleasure that IPA Section Croatia is organising this year’s International Youth
Gathering 2019.
We look forward very much to receiving applications from many IPA sections around the
world. Every year young people from across the globe, children and grandchildren of IPA
members, are invited to visit another country and participate in an event that many will
never forget - the IPA's International Youth Gathering (IYG).
For the participants it is an opportunity to experience travel to another country and to meet
people of a similar age from different cultures and backgrounds whilst gaining a deeper
knowledge of the history, social character, nature and family life of the hosting country.
Participation in the programme is open to the children or grandchildren of current IPA
members. IYG participants must have reached their 16th birthday, but not have exceeded
their 18th birthday, by the 3rd August 2019. There are a maximum number of 50 spaces
available. Sections are invited to send up to 2 applications that will be dealt with on a first-
come first-serve basis. If there are spare spaces available, more than 2 applications from a
section may be accepted upon request.
The IYG encourages young people irrespective of gender, race, language or religion to
Here are a few highlights to look forward to during this year’s IYG: The Pearl of the Adriatic -
Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island sea kayking, the Elaphites Islands cruise, the historical City of
Šibenik, the unforgettable Plitvice Lakes National Park, the unique peninsula of Istria, the
ancient City of Pula and the Brijuni Islands National Park, the adrenalin-packed Aquapark
Istralandia, the City of Rijeka - European Capital of Culture 2020, the Trsat Castle, the capital
City of Croatia - Zagreb, the Zagreb Zoo, the Medvednica Nature Park, the award-winning
Museum of Neanderthals in Krapina, the Takošćan Castle, the Tuhelj Thermal Water Park,
plus a visit to the Maritime Police, Special Police Counter-Terrorist Unit, the Croatian Police
Academy, the Primorsko-Goranska Police Department, Gala dinner with entertainment and
much more.
You are welcome to join in an unforgettable IPA adventure travelling side by side with fellow
young people from around the world in the land of friendship ... Croatia!


Miljenko Vidak, President IPA Section Croatia





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